We optimize your online marketing budget (SEO, PPC, Social networks…): more premium clients and more recurring clients. In 30 minutes  meeting you will have a plan to achieve it.

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Web positioning.

We propose you to develop a strategy aligned with the marketing of your company, with the aim of improving the return on investment achieved so far with web positioning, and other marketing channels.

By prioritizing long-term strategy, we avoid gimmicks and ruses that may only work in the short term. Instead, we focus on getting things done with consistent  strategy, planning, and optimization. In addition, we are totally transparent: we tell you what there is, what we think can be done, what the competitors are doing and how far you can go. It is not about getting specific keywords; it is about obtaining good economic results: the niche is worked and the results are measured to improve again.

Frequently Google and the other search engines decide to change the algorithm. We continuously adapt to the recommendations and changes that they implement. What we do is not secret, nor is it magic, nor is it deceptive. It consists of improving what there is, observing the competition, analyzing the results and continuously improving based on the analysis of the data.

The standardized steps to bring an SEO project to fruition are:

  1. Analysis
    Knowledge of the current situation of the client / web: their objectives, their needs and their opinion.
  2. Investigation
    Joint research to identify opportunities based on trends, competitors, geographical areas, etc. We break down the competitors’ strategy and what potential customers are looking for.
  3. KPI
    Metrics and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are defined. With them, the results, the changes carried out and the actions carried out will be evaluated.
  4. Optimization
    The web is audited, and the necessary changes are executed so that the web meets the highest quality parameters, and is loading as fast as possible (Web Performance Optimization, content, etc.). Likewise, the marketing strategies that may influence the web are reviewed.
  5. Strategy
    A strategy is developed to increase the online visibility of the web, as well as to build an online reputation with the aim of improving web positioning and conversion rates. These actions can include:
    • Presence in social networks.
    • Production and dissemination of content. Including text, videos and images.
    • Press releases and newsletters.
    • Contests.
    • Articles in sector publications.
    • Relations with bloggers, tweeters and influencers in the sector.
    • Relations with forums and communities in the sector.
    • Support in digital supports of suppliers and clients.
  6. Performance
    Measurement and assessment of the results obtained with the changes carried out and with the actions carried out according to the metrics and KPIs initially proposed. With theses, the changes and improvements in the strategy can be implemented, and detect both weak and strong points  located on the web. This will assist in  promoting those actions that bring more sales, more registrations, more completed forms, etc.
  7. Usability
    Thanks to web analytics we can know the behavior of users, and the actions they perform within the web. User behavior ratios are taken into account by search engines.
  8. Reports
    The reports show the results that are being obtained, the most interesting metrics, the impacts achieved, the trends, etc. All this with our assessment and written clarification of all that that means. Of course, we include in the reports proposals for changes and recommendations for further improvement.

Custom SEO Plans

Our plans are adapted to the client’s needs and mainly contemplate the following actions:

  • All your keywords can be monitored, optimized and focused on  the strategy . You can choose them, or we can propose options for you to choose. But you will always be the one who has the last word.
  • Strategies to achieve the quantity and quality of links that your website needs.
  • Monthly analysis of control and positioning, starting from the initial stage and comparing with the progress of the natural positioning.
  • Detailed guide for the optimization of your website. We indicate the specific actions that you must carry out.
  • HTML code optimization.
  • Server optimization.
  • Optimization and positioning in Google Local.
  • Initial analysis + extensive market study + Business plan
  • Monitoring of statistics through Google Analytics. We study the profitability of the different traffic sources.
  • All you need. We seek a solution to your problems.

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