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Social media marketing.

Part of the marketing budget is dedicated to this field. Not all social networks are optimal for all businesses, but it is very difficult for a company not to find a very profitable niche in some of them.  Most  companies use Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin,  on more than one occasion as a channel of communication, customer service and advertising support.

Social networks are not just any field. Each of them is different: what is admitted and searched on Facebook may not be suitable on Twitter, Linkedin, Tuenti, etc. We have to be careful, because it is still a public exhibition of the company. We must take care of participation in social networks, and in the same way that if the intern writes a press release it is reviewed, with participation in social networks the same thing happens: The intern should not be in command, and of course they cannot be responsible for any errors.

Social media marketing is not difficult to learn. You simply have to know the written and unwritten rules of each of these networks.

Social networks know no age. The bulk of Facebook users are middle-aged, and more and more people between 55 and 75 years old are curiously joining this network.

A strategy in social networks can entail an expense of 0, but of course, we must understand that time is money, and social networks are mainly time: You only have to observe the average time of a user on Tuenti or Facebook, being an average the usual 90 minutes a day.

The temptation to outsource and ignore this vital part of the business is great. Econsultoría can assume the management of your company’s social media presence, if you wish. But what we want is to go hand in hand. Help you to properly develop this important point of your company: including strategy, updates, content, advertising, etc.

Results achievements require patience by the client. While the channels are new the strategies are similar and public relations are always a requisite.

If your company requires a Facebook application, we can organize and develop Apps for Facebook.

Services we provide

  • Profile creation and management
  • Text, images and video  content creation for blogging
  • Dissemination of branding content via Twitter
  • Social media optimization
  • Management of audio-visual channels e.g. YouTube, Vimeo, Pinterest, Flickr, Instagram
  • Company, brand and product monitoring
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