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Web Analytics – CRO.

PYMEs can avail of many tools that are on the market for free. The problem is knowing how to use them, raise reports and solutions to problems. The collaboration with the marketing and IT departments is essential to make the necessary changes and adaptations.

The main advantage of the internet is that we can know almost everything from the way users interact on our website, the paths that the majority follow, where they find a blockage, etc.

The tool must be as powerful as the analysis carried out on the data obtained. This will allow us to make the most of advertising, improve the usability of the web, and even the services. We can give priority to those most profitable elements. We will get to know our target audience better and better. Detect improvement and business opportunities; better analyze performance indicators: KPIs (indicators of interest or key parameters).

Basically, it consists of defining conversions (registration, contact, sale, form, call, etc.), measuring them, knowing where those users who have converted have come from and making decisions according to the data we have.


We can improve conversion processes by detecting where users are going during the purchase process. We will be able to see what the users who almost made a conversion do. And you can do A / B test to improve a registration form, a record, or the purchase process.

Web analytics is an ideal complement for SEO, analyzing PPC advertising, display, our social channels, etc.


After establishing everything necessary to be able to analyze the results of the different campaigns and channels, all the necessary reports are made available to the company. Using a  simple dashboard you can  understand what the real situation of the company is.


In the first instance it is recommended to perform a web analytics audit. The web audit would consist of:

• Business and strategy analysis.

• Ascertain the objectives and needs.

• Define the KPIs (indicators of interest or key parameters).

• Conversant with the web analytics tool .

• Define how the report will be, its periodicity, the type of recommendations it will include and for whom it will be designed.

Subsequently, the necessary changes would be implemented for the web analytics audit.

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