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Online reputation – ORM.

The overexposure to which we are subjected generates both favorable and unfavorable opinions. These opinions are independent of the message that we send, and  they will always be published. Reputation must be built from all sources that are interesting to us for the objectives set.

The prestige of your online brand, whether personal or corporate,  is its online reputation, and is the current trend.

Rumors can tarnish a good personal or corporate reputation in a short space of time. That is why it is so crucial to monitor what is said about us on the network. A quick knowledge of the problem will allow us a quick solution.

We all know that more and more social networks are used by human resources departments, in the same way that before hiring a service or buying a product, many of us make use of searches to see how they talk about the product or service that interests us. How many times have you stopped buying something or going to an event because of what you have read on the internet?

    If your website or your company requires a special web positioning due to its urgency or difficulty, then we can help you.
    • All the keywords   can be  monitored, optimized, and focused on  the strategy . You can choose them, or we can propose options for you to choose. But you will always be the one who has the last word.
    • Strategies to achieve the quantity and quality of links that your website needs.
    • Monthly analysis of control and positioning, starting from the initial stage and comparing with the progress of natural positioning.
    • Detailed guide for the optimization of your website. We will indicate the specific actions that you should carry out.
    • HTML code optimization.
    • Server optimization.
    • Optimization and positioning in Google Local.
    • Initial analysis + extensive market study + Business plan
    • Monitoring of statistics through Google Analytics. We study the profitability of the different traffic sources.
    • Everything you need. We seek a solution for your problems.
    Are you suffering from an online reputation crisis?

    Don’t worry, we will help you solve your problem. It is very common for people, companies or brands to receive massive criticism on the internet, and that these criticisms remain over time, unjustifiably harming them. That is where we act.
    – Initial study of the global situation. Putting all the tools at your fingertips in a single report
    – Proposal of actions to reverse the situation
    – Analysis of the result of the actions undertaken
    – Preparation of a protocol to avoid the repetition of these crisis situations

    While the base maybe simple to see it can be  complex to execute:
    – What do we communicate?
    – When do we communicate?
    – Who do we communicate to?
    – How do we communicate?
    – Where do we communicate?
    – Why do we communicate?

    With the answer to these questions, we prepare a plan, to execute  and solve the problem.

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