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Positioning Web International.

We develop a web positioning strategy of all types of companies for the entire Spanish market . As we have a cultural link with Spain, it is more usual for us to concentrate on positioning websites focused on the Spanish market, but we also have clients who ask us to position their website in various Spanish-speaking markets. We have a very powerful group of collaborators and contacts focused on Latin America.

If your company has an international strategy that is based on promoting itself in different languages, then we can assist you. English, French, Spanish and German are the languages we support.

Web positioning in English

Positioning your website in English comprises not focusing on any specific country, or directing it to a specific English-speaking country, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, India, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Ireland, etc. The ideal is to geocalize the web, or at least the subdomain. Be aware that an American is not captured the same way as a New Zealander.

We can also focus on all English-speaking countries if the web is not geolocated. Furthermore, we must consider that many people perform their searches in English, even if they do not belong to an English-speaking country, so in the end, positioning your website in English without geolocalizing to a country presupposes an attempt to reach the whole world, including the largest market in the world, USA.

The competition is great in the most important language in the world, so it is vitally important to segment properly, trying to increase visibility to the maximum.

Positioning in English allows companies to increase their market share, having access to the language with the largest market in the world.

Web positioning in French

Positioning your website in French implies reaching France, half of Africa, French-speaking Canada, Switzerland and its French-speaking canton, half of Belgium, etc.

In the web positioning in French the competition is not as tough as in Spanish for certain searches, but it is undeniable that its e-commerce sector is very advanced. Each country has its own customs, and does not consume or care for the same thing a Moroccan or an Algerian as someone from Paris. Needless to say, french spoken in Canada is not the same as french spoken in Belgium.  The Spanish spoken in Albacete or Queretaro, is not the same.

Again, if we geolocate towards a country we will focus on that country with its uses and customs. If instead we choose not to geolocate, we will have other types of difficulties, although we will have a wider market.

In addition to the wealth of French-speaking Europe, and Canada, we must pay special attention to the Arab world, which has great potential and for certain businesses can be a very strong market. Africa is divided between English and French, and is not a negligible market.

Web positioning in German

If, on the other hand, what we are looking for is to position our website in German, the market to which we will opt will be based on the German canton of Switzerland, Austria and Germany mainly. While it is true that they have a more uniform culture than countries that speak Spanish, English or French, each country has different characteristics. It is advisable to geolocate, but in case of not being done, the objective will be the entire market in German, with various difficulties.

The German-speaking countries are currently the European locomotives, and any European company that claims to be a leader throughout the continent will have in the German market one of its main targets.


The web is audited, and the necessary changes are executed so that the web meets the highest quality parameters, and is as fast as possible (Web Performance Optimization, contents, etc.). Likewise, the marketing strategies that can influence the web are reviewed.

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