For those who have decided to exploit their literary skills, digital marketing for writers is a tool capable of maintaining and positioning their work and brand in the global book market.

When you decide to enter the world of books, the writer's greatest desire is to be known by as many people as possible. Therefore, it is important that you take into account the tools that we bring you in Econsultoria, growth hacking and digital marketing agency, to make your writings a success.

Digital marketing for writers

Digital marketing for writers has had to redirect its strategies once new book formats such as ebooks and audiobooks have been established; this means that the way to position these products has changed since they began to be a trend among many countries in the digital form.

This is why the need arose to reissue the digital marketing plan for modern writers, based on other tactics; among the most important are:

Create a blog and publish content of value to the target audience

According to reliable statistical data, more than 70% of marketers believe that the creation of interesting content was the most effective SEO tactic in recent years. It should be pointed out that this content should be very valuable for a certain kind of audience, taking into account that a blog is a writer's online business card. Likewise, to improve SEO positioning and attract relevant visits, it is also important to introduce appropriate words in the blog posts, which favors the Google search. These keywords must be introduced in effective places such as the titles and subtitles of the posts as well as in the first paragraph.

These contents must have at least 2000 words; being that the general rule indicates that the longer the articles are, the greater the possibility of positioning. Finally, it should be understood that social networks can be used to share and promote the contents of the blog.

Contact famous bloggers to introduce references about your book

When a famous Blogger, with thousands of subscribers, provides a good opinion about your book, the immediate consequence is that a lot of his audience will be interested and will want to read your production.

This is the effect caused by influencer marketing, which means that a blogger with many subscribers is able to influence the decision of a large number of people.

To locate them, you should conduct a research through the networks, exploring the hashtags about books in the networks and the influencers that participate with those hashtags, also analyzing their social profiles and, if possible, interacting with them and their content, in order to get to know them a little.

Making social networks loyal allies

The conscious and prudent use of social networks helps to build the writer's personal brand and foster a loyal community of fans or followers. Almost 90% of advertisers claim that activity on social networks has more effectively exposed business products and services; so it is recommended to use popular hashtags in your publications, publish daily personal anecdotes, in simple terms, publish on networks, comments about books by other authors that have already been read, recommending them if possible.

Publish fragments of one's own books on Instagram to arouse the reader's curiosity a little, open contests and raffles of one's own books and ask readers to leave reviews and comments in the respective boxes.

Create audiobooks from your literature

The audiobook format is becoming increasingly popular, since among its most interesting advantages are that they are more accessible, are more digestible and attractive to young people and can be combined simultaneously with other tasks.

While doing household chores, you can listen to audiobooks with a pair of stereo headphones to maintain concentration.

What can't be missing in your marketing strategy for writers?

The periodic review of how the strategy is going is an aspect that cannot be omitted in any marketing plan, since it is the referent of where the work is going, if the visitors have increased as expected and if the presence of an audience interested in the book being promoted has been verified. These data, among others, will give an understanding of what is being done well and what needs to be improved and, therefore, will determine the real scope of the objectives set. Without measuring these results, the writer would simply be walking blindly.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact Econsultoria, expert in digital marketing plans to position businesses and brands in the most successful way. To arrange an interview or request a digital marketing quote, call 668 885 955.

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