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Advertising on Social Media.

Each social network has its own advertising system, its own segmentation system, and therefore its advantages and disadvantages.

For this reason, it is essential to know and study the needs of the company, as well as the opportunities that each social network offers us. We will help you.

Social networks flood our lives thanks to all the services, utilities and entertainment they give us.

The fact that they are free is a great motivation for the user. Your website can use YouTube to upload videos or Flickr for photos. You can also have your fan page on Facebook. But we must assume that social networks are the expression of a vital need for people to share their photos, music, videos as well as share and exchange ideas with friends and strangers.

The use of online marketing strategies in social networks is not only recommended, it is a necessity for your company. Many companies are conveniently surviving the crisis thanks to their successful participation in social networks. Some companies become successful and multiply their sales, gaining impact, presence and noise.

What is segmenting advertising? It is to offer your ads exactly to that group of the population that is going to interest them. Social networks offer enough tools for this, although each one has its own and different ones.

Advertising on Facebook

In Facebook Ads we can choose to feed our fan page with advertising, or we can link these creatives directly to our website. We recommend choosing the official fan page for the web and for companies.

Reach your audience among the more than 1,000 million potential customers. You can conveniently segment by location, age, tastes and interests, company, educational level, etc. You choose the audience you address with total flexibility.

You can create a community around your website or company of people who have taken an action, because they think that what you offer may interest them.

You will be able to configure the daily budget and change it when it suits you. There are 2 ways to pay, either per click (CPC), or per ad views (CPM), and you can also choose the currency in which you want to pay.

Facebook Exchange offers the possibility of retargeting actions. That is, to advertise to those users who visit the web, or a specific part of the web.

Advertising on Youtube

On YouTube you have 2 basic ways to advertise. First per click: Ads appear based on keywords that the advertiser associates with YouTube video searches.

The other way to advertise is in the sponsored videos section, the payment methods are per click or per view.

Advertising on Linkedin, Twitter, etc.

There are many social networks and online communities. Let us help you choose the most appropriate for your particular case.

Advantage of advertising on social networks

  • Segmentation.
  • You can reach the entire planet if you want.
  • You set the budget limit.
  • You can promote whatever you want: website, video, fan page or profile, a brand, a product etc.
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