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Google Adwords.

With Google AdWords, you can advertise quickly and easily.

With the same platform, you have the possibility of advertising on the Google network, which is made up of the rest of Google products, such as Gmail, and thousands of websites that place Google ads on their websites.

It offers the possibility of targeting your potential customers when they search for your products or services through Google.

What can we expect with a Google Adwords campaign?

  • Instant visibility.
  • Capture business contacts.
  • Control of spending.
  • Parameterize the campaign by days and times
  • Advertising impact segmented by geographical area.
  • Segmentation by demographic criteria (sex, age, education and purchasing power)
  • Infinite keyword test, to find the most suitable and profitable combination.
  • Branding.

What can we do from Econsultoria for your campaigns?

  • First, an audit of the current situation. covering both the campaign and the possible landing pages. Suggestions for changes may be made for better results.
  • Definition of objectives and metrics.
  • Selection of keywords.
  • Choice of negative keywords.
  • Writing and production of advertising content in those languages ​​that are necessary.
  • Choice of geographical areas to which to direct the campaigns.
  • Results checking.
  • Continuous optimization of the campaign.
  • Detailed reports of the impacts, the results and the best implemented.
  • New changes may be suggested on the web.
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