Todos los libros del mundo : A perfect example to have success on Facebook with the right strategy: More than 50,000 fans.   Towards the end of this spring will draft for the sale of books, and this fan page will be the first step in the development of online marketing of the project. With 9 months before we set a goal: 50,000 fans, that goal was achieved in December, in 3 months. We can say that is our most successful in terms of numbers Facebook, now is verify that our work was done correctly: As the web we study the profitability out of this web-analytical fans with doing full reports.   No doubt that our hopes are high. It is our first project which begins with the development of online marketing plan before leaving the site. It is normal to make a marketing strategy before thinking on the web, but it is not normal to begin with the development of this strategy before seeing the web .   We will keep you informed.
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