If you want to impress potential clients and investors or simply need to design a presentation for your client, there is no doubt that a template can save you hours. Fortunately, there is no lack of free templates that are not only very good, but can be used for commercial presentations, investor launches, proposals, portfolios and more. In this post, we will share the 15 best Keynote templates that are completely free and you can use not only for your clients' presentations but also for your own projects. Take note!

Where to download free keynote templates we recommend for you and your customers?

  1. Creative Keynote

The first on our list is the Creative Keynote template. It includes 25 customised slides and has a colorful and vibrant design, perfect for modern presentations and designers who love the trend of flat design. You will also find a selection of geometric shapes, editable maps, icons, tables and more. All slides are easily editable so you can customize each part of the presentation and make it your own.
  1. London

If you are looking for a template with an elegant and feminine touch, look no further than the London template. This Keynote template features 21 customised slides and an elegant typeface that focuses the contents of your presentation.
  1. Sella

The Sella template includes 5 unique customised slides in the free version and comes with elegant transitions that will surely attract the attention of anyone who sees your presentation. Sella has an elegant design and even includes fully editable maps if you need to display geographic data or a specific region. Presentaciones creativas
  1. Duotone

As the name Dutone indicates, this template presents a two-tone color scheme, a trend that has gained popularity in recent years. They include more than 132 customised slides and also with it you will get a duotone Photoshop action as an extra. Plantilla Duotone
  1. ProBusiness

The ProBusiness template has a professional and corporate feel, making it perfect for any of your corporate clients who need a presentation that matches your company's image. This template includes drag and drop placeholders, vector icons and wide screen design Plantilla creativa ProBusiness
  1. Zane

The Zane template is a multipurpose presentation template that can be used for any type of presentation in any niche. It has a modern design and includes 11 customised slides, as well as a selection of high quality vector icons. Plantilla creativa Zane
  1. Simple Minimal

If you are looking for a simple Keynote template, Simple Minimal can be a good idea. The template has an elegant and minimalist design. The slides in gray tones have been designed with the intention of not distracting the viewers and letting them focus on the most important thing: the content of their presentation.
  1. Air

The Air template includes stunning full-width markers for images, as well as split-screen designs that are perfect for displaying your portfolio or other designs. You'll also find beautiful typefaces, more than 60 customised slides and a bonus of 450 vector icons. Plantilla Creativa Gratuita AIR
  1. Basics

The Basics template includes 31 customised slides and placeholders for drag and drop objects, so you can easily replace the demo content with your own. This template also includes more than 6000 icons, Venn diagrams, vertical and horizontal timelines, and much more. Plantilla Creativa Gratuita BASICS
  1. X

The X template offers more than 18 unique creative slides that present a clean and fresh design. The template comes in 16: 9 format and includes placeholders to drag and drop, as well as variable-sized vector elements such as icons, maps, graphics and more. Plantilla Creativa Gratuita X
  1. Eva

The Eva template is an excellent option if you work with clients in the fashion and photography industry, since the overall design of the template fits perfectly with the portfolios. You can also use this template for your own design business. This Keynote template includes more than 200 slides, a light and dark color scheme, and more than 250 vector icons.
  1. Professional Pitch Deck

And last but not least we bring you the Professional Pitch Deck template, it is a perfect Keynote template for when you need to impress potential clients, investors or partners. The template includes a variety of slides to present data about your company, your team members and any other information you need to include for a successful presentation.

Create stunning presentations

As you can see in the examples above, there is a wide variety of free Keynote templates for high quality creatives that will allow you to create impressive presentations for both you and your customers.
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