In the case of search engines, especially Google in Spain, loading speeds are a very important factor for positioning a website.

All actions performed in relation to Web Performance Optimisation (WPO) will result in greater visibility. A faster loading speed, smaller website size, better accessibility and connectivity, etc, all mean Google requires less resources to display our website in its search results. In addition to this, the user will have a better experience and surf more. According to several studies, and in our own experience, when the client surfs more, he buys more and contacts the company more, than if website is not optimised.
At Econsultoría we provide a service to measure the loading speed and weight of the website according to the reality of the current Spanish connections. We carry out tests such as Page Speed Grade or YSlow etc.

We carry out audits on the state of the website and the websites of the competition. We act as consultants so that your IT team can implement the necessary measures. Or we can directly execute the necessary changes to your website, servers, DNS, CDN etc., so that everything operates better, faster and safer.

Together with the measures in relation to the website architecture, the actions relating to Web Performance Optimisation are the first steps to consider when we think about creating a website. It is much better, easier and cheaper to consider Web Performance Optimisation before putting the website into operation than doing it afterwards.

The reports we submit contain all the measures implemented or to be implemented. These are measures that any IT operator or system administrator can follow and execute.

Below is a list of the main points that we take into consideration in our work:

  • Servers.
  • Version or mobile access.
  • Content.
  • HTML.
  • Java Script.
  • CSS.
  • Cookies.
  • Images.
  • Connectivity.

In web positioning good part of the success is due to the "on page" component. On page optimisation basically consists of:

  • Domain.
  • Internal link structure.
  • Programming.
  • Header: titles, descriptions, key words, etc.
  • Bold, lists, italics.
  • Images and the alt attribute.
  • Flash.
  • Original and quality content.
  • Site structure.
  • Site map.
  • Etc.

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