Social Media Marketing

We invite you to have a look at our services for Spain and Latin America:
Every day there are more and more companies joining the exciting world of social networks that are turning to Social Media Marketing services.
Our objective is to provide them with content that is of interest to them in German, localise it for their opinion leaders and make your products and services known.

They set aside part of their marketing budgets to this area. Not all social networks are suitable for all businesses, but it is highlyunlikely that a company is unable to find a profitable niche among them. Those that tend to bring together the majority of companies are Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, these being used on more than one occasion as a channel for communication, dealing with the public and as a media for advertising.

The social networks are not like any other terrain. Each one is different: what is accepted and searched for on Facebook might not be acceptable on Twitter, Linkedin, Tuenti, etc. We have to be careful because it is still public exposure for the company. Participation in the social networks must be done with care. In the same manner that that the press release written by a trainee is revised, the same happens with participation in the social networks: The trainee must not be in charge, and obviously cannot be responsible for potential errors.

Marketing on social networks is not difficult to understand. It is simply a matter of knowing the written and unwritten rules for each of these networks.

The social networks are not bound by age. The majority of Facebook users are middle-aged, and there are more and more in the 55 to 75 age group that are joining this network out of curiosity.

A social network strategy might have a zero cost, however, we have to understand that time is money and for the social networks it is mainly time: You need look no further than the average time that a Tuenti or Facebook user is connected, this being a typical average of 90 minutes a day.

The temptation to outsource and forget about this vital part of the company is overwhelming. Econsultoría can take over the management of your company's presence in the social networks, if that is what you would like. But what we want is to be at your side, so we can help you ensure that such an important aspect of your business is properly developed: this includes the strategy, updates, content, advertising, etc.

Obtaining results requires time and the patience of the companies is required. These are new channels but the strategies are very similar, public relations have always been necessary.

If your company needs to create an application for Facebook, we can take care of it. We can develop apps for Facebook.

Services we provide:

  • Creation and management of profiles on social networks.
  • Creation, management and generation of text, image or video content for blogs.
  • Diffusion of content to carry out branding via Twitter.
  • Social Media Optimisation.
  • Management of audiovisual channels such as Youtube, Vimeo, Pinterest, Flickr, Instagram, etc.
  • Monitoring of the company, brand or product

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