You can quickly and easily advertise yourself using Google Adwords. It offers the possibility to target potential customers when they search for your products or services through Google. Using the same platform, you have the possibility of advertising yourself on the Google network, which consists of the other Google products, such as Gmail, and thousands of websites that place Google advertisements on their webs.

What can we expect from a Google Adwords campaign?

  • Instant visibility.
  • Capture commercial contacts.
  • Cost control.
  • Parameterise the campaign by days and times.
  • Advertising impact segmented by geographic area.
  • Segmentation according to demographic criteria (gender, age, education and purchasing power).
  • Infinite testing of key words to search for the most suitable and profitable combination of words.
  • Branding.

What can we do for your campaign from Econsultoría?

  • First, an audit of the current situation. Both of the campaign as well as possible landing pages. It is possible that suggestions will be made to obtain better results.
  • Definition of objectives and metrics.
  • Selection of keywords.
  • Selection of negative keywords.
  • Writing and production of advertising content in the required languages.
  • Selection of geographic areas where to direct the campaigns.
  • Review of results.
  • Continual optimisation of the campaign.
  • Detailed reports on the hits, results and improvements implemented. It is possible that new changes to the website will be suggested.

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