Newsletter Many are reluctant to create a newsletter as they think that has become obsolete and belongs to obsolete marketing strategies. Nothing could be further from the truth, we have found that the Newsletter is one of the major channels and the most successful in Online Marketing. Social networks and blogs, are a good channel to give visibility and attract traffic to your website, but are of little value   when communicating to users who already know you, your offerings, content, products… directly. Therefore, the newsletter must be one of the first strategies that you should embody  in your online marketing plan. What advantages will the newsletter be for your company?
  • The public who are going to receive your newsletter are users with a declared interest in your products or contentbecause they have had to register.
  • Your records are worth gold andwill increase your databases for future actions
  • Does not have to be a sales tool but can be a direct way to influence your subscribersin some way.
  • Has a very low cost, therefore it is an action that you will provide a significant return
  • It is a channel of communication that will allow you to maintain and  inform your subscribers with the latest news and promotions.
  • You'll get a significant injection of traffic.
  • You can build loyalty among your customers in a more direct wayand offering promotions and special discounts for them.
  • This is an important sales channel that will help you expand notably conversions.
  • You can segment the newslettersout by personalizing it for each type of user.
  • A good way to get brand recognitionand to keep in the mind of the consumer.
How to create an email marketing plan?
  1. Objectives
- What is your target audience? - What do you want to achieve? Traffic, shopping, downloads… - How do you want to accomplish this ? Content, discounts, eBooks, downloads… - Periodicity
  1. Database
You must create a good database of users who might be interested in your products. For that, create Pop-ups or pop-up windows with  a clear message and  provide value to the user. "Sign Up and receive all the offerings with more than 60% discount in your area" I suggest that you  schedule  the emergence of these pop up a few seconds after that users enter in your page because it proves that already they have a pre-interest in your products. You can channel your records on the web according to the interest of each user, so you can send more personalized newsletters. For example, in the shopping basket to anyone who has not yet purchased, send greater discounts and promotions for them to finish their shopping. You can also carry out other actions in order to achieve records such as competitions where require registering to join a raffle, or to download an ebook  such as  "Tools for the Community Manager"…
  1. Design
  • If this is your first newsletter, take an example from others that you like to create your own.
  • Don't forget to take into account the aesthetic aspects such as clean, tidy and originalso not to distract users and enable them to follow the body of the newsletter.
  • Attention to the font because that will reinforce the tone you want transmit either casual, serious…as well as clarity in the use of title, subtitle, content and source text  to facilitate easy reading.
  • Keep in mind the importance of creating a good header whichis the first thing the reader will see  and will help you to catch their attention.
  • Careful use of the images assome mail servers can be label them  as spam .
Tools to create newsletters   We have already said earlier that the newsletter  are very inexpensive and there are very simple and intuitive tools that give you predesigned templates, and statistics for your database. The more  common are: MailChimp Send Better Email   MailChimp MailRelay email marketing     Both of them have a free version and  payment version , depending on the number of emails and monthly records. I invite you to try both to see which you think is most suited to your needs. The better known  is MailChimp, but MailRelay  is capturing greater market. And if what you need is an agency that will help you create your Email Marketing strategy and how to run it, you can get in contact us. We will be happy to assist you in this way : ).  
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