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Use Growth Hacking to increase your conversion rate

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Do You Know Growth Hacking? For  some it will sound  Chinese and  for others I am sure they have heard of it on occasion  as  it is a new term used in online marketing  that is  beginning  to emerge.

Literally, Wikipedia notes the Growth Hacking as “a marketing technique developed by technology startups which uses creativity, analytical thinking, and social metrics to sell products and gain exposure ”

And the  Growth hacker? This  would be  the person expert both in the positioning  and in use of the various techniques such as search engine optimization (SEO), analytical web sites, advertising on the internet and test A/B.

Some consider the Growth hacking rather than as a set of techniques, a mindset.

For this reason, today I’m going to list a series of strategies for Growth Hacking, but be careful! Not all these techniques are for all the business, but they will help you as to what things you can do and what can be useful:

  1. Smart Pop-ups: Create pop up windows that appear at the most appropriate moment  and offering a good reward.

For example: a pop-up window when a user first enters your online store offering   20% discount on their first purchase Tool: List Builder

  1. The sale of urgency:Some online stores (Groupon)  created the sale of urgency in their business. This is a psychological resource to sell more. It   not only  puts  a time limit on  a purchases, but  also limits the number of units that you want to sell. It is a good way to encourage compulsive buying.
  2. Surprise Effect:Amaze your users  Create always something that they didn’t expect: a gift, an unexpected email, a gift guide, an ebook…It is a way of achieving more loyal  readers ( users) as almost no else does it.
  3. Exclusive Content: Nobody cares about your newsletter if you offer the same as everyone else. Creates exclusive content that you may be of interest to your readers and with a value element.
  4. Don’t be invasive: Be careful in not sending excessive e-mails or newsletter to your contacts. In the subscription screen  give them the option to select the  frequency they want to receive your newsletters, weekly, monthly …
  5. Turn your home page into a landing page: If you’re looking for a subscription, for example, create a landing page with a good headline and offers a good reward on the subscription form. Eliminate anything that can distract: links, banners, sliders. If you want them to leave their  email, simplify it  to the maximum and your conversion rate will grow. Tool: Instapage
  6. Comments in blogs:Enters into the blogs that your customers or potential customers  visit  and add value to the content. Don’t forget to leave your web site. Users will appreciate your opinion and will come into your web to check it out and to know you.
  7. Create infographics : Design your own  and add  the html code so that  other-bloggers can share it. If it is a good and interesting you can get many links and make it viral. Tool: ly
  8. Remarketing:Tries to capture those users that have shown some kind of pre-interest in your products.  Example: If a person enters your web site and looks at a dress but leaves without purchasing it, then in the  following week  wherever they browse, a notice of your dress is displayed. Take care not to abuse  remarketing so as not to damage your brand.
  9. Try limiting your options of sale: It has been demonstrated that the fewer products the user encounters they are  more likely to purchase. If a user enters your store and is faced with 50 products, they are overwhelmed  and leave so  limit the products displayed  to  4 or 5.

Perhaps it appears overwhelming and you dont know where to start as these are only some of the tactics and there are a infinite number of  them . If you require assistance or support or that we carry out the Growth Hacking for you , you just need to request it as we are opening the market at the international level. 😉

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