Web Positioning

The most important aspect of website positioning is strategy, especially in the mid-to-long-term. To do this, we propose developing a strategy in line with the marketing of your company, with the aim of improving the return on the investment achieved so far with website positioning and other marketing channels.

Google and the other search engines regularly change their algorithm. We continually adapt to the recommendations and change that are implemented. What wedo is not a secret, it's not magic and it's not cheating. It consists of improving what there is to work with, observing the competition, analysing theresults and continually improving by analysing the data.

The standard steps for correctly carrying out an SEO project are:

  1. Knowledge of the current situation of the client/website: its objectives, needs and its opinion.
  2. Joint research to identify opportunities based on trends, competitors, geographic areas, etc. We unravel competitors' strategies and find out whatpotential clients are looking for.
  3. The metrics and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are defined. These are used to evaluate the results, the changes made and the actions performed.
  4. The website is audited and the necessary changes are implemented so that the website complies with the highest quality parameters and is as fast aspossible (Web Performance Optimisation, contents, etc.). Similarly, the marketing strategies that could have an influence on the website are alsoreviewed.
  5. A strategy is developed to increase the on-line visibility of the website, as well as for building an on-line reputation with the aim of improving thewebsite positioning and the conversion rates. These actions may include:
  • Presence on social networks.
  • Production and diffusion of contents. Including text, videos and images.
  • Press releases and newsletters.
  • Competitions.
  • Articles in publications within the sector.
  • Relationships with bloggers, twitters and influential people within the sector.
  • Relationships with forums and communities within the sector.
  • Digital media support for suppliers and clients.
  1. Measurement and evaluation of the results obtained with the changes executed and with the actions performed according to the initially proposed metricsand KPIs. Changes and improvements in the strategy can be made with this information and the weak and strong points of the website can be identified.This allows us to encourage those actions that generate more sales, more hits, more forms completed, etc.

As a result of the website analysis we can understand the behaviour of the users and their actions within the website. Search engines take into accountuser behaviour rates

  1. Optimisation: the key is the continuous optimisation of the website, the actions and the processes.
  2. Reports. The reports show the results that are being obtained, the most significant metrics, the hits achieved, the trends, etc. All of this with awritten assessment and explanation of what all this means. And of course, the reports include proposals for changes and recommendations for continualimprovement.

Made to measure SEO plans

If your webpage or your company needs special web positioning due to urgency or difficulty, then we can help you.

Our plans adapt to client needs and comprise mainly the following actions:

  • The strategy can be monitored, optimised and focused on all the key wordsyou require. You can choose them yourself or we can propose our options for you to choose from. But you will always have the final say.
  • Strategies to achieve the quantity and quality of links that your website needs.
  • Monthly control and positioning analysis based on the initial stage and compared to the progress of the natural positioning.
  • Detailed guide for optimising your website. We indicate the specific actions that you must perform.
  • Optimisation of HTML code.
  • Server optimisation.
  • Optimisationand positioning on Local Google.
  • Initial analysis + extensive market study + Business plan.
  • Monitoring of statistics through Google Analytics. We study the profitability of the different sources of traffic.
  • Everything you need. We look for solutions to your problems.

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