Advertising on Social Networks

Each social network has its own advertising system, its own segmentation system and subsequently its own pros and cons. It is therefore essential to understand and study the requirements of the company, as well as the opportunities offered by each social network. We can help you.

The social networks flood our lives thanks to all the services, tools and entertainment that they provide us. The fact that they are free is a great motivation for the user. Your website can use Youtube to upload videos or Flickr for photos. You can also have your fanpage on Facebook. However, it is necessary to understand that social networks are an expression of a vital need that people have to share their photographs, music and videos as well as share and exchange ideas with friends and strangers.
The use of on-line marketing strategies on social networks is not only recommendable, but a requirement for your company. Many companies are comfortably surviving the economic crisis thanks to their successful participation in social networks. Some companies are successful and multiply their sales, gaining repercussion, presence and noise.
What is meant by "segmenting the advertising"? It means offering your adverts to a specific population group that will be interested in it. The social networks offer plenty of tools for this, although each one has its own and each one is different.

Advertising on Facebook

Through Facebook Ads we can choose to have advertising on our fan page, or we can link creative elements directly to our website. We recommend the selection of an official fan page for websites and companies.
Reach a public of more than one billion potential customers. You can conveniently segment by location, age, taste and interests, company, education, etc. You choose the public you want to target with complete flexibility.
You can create a community around your website or company of people that have performed an action, because they think that what you offer might interest them.
You can configure the daily budget and change it at your convenience. There are two payment methods, either pay per click (PPC) or by adverts viewed (PPV), and you can also change the currency that you want to pay in.
Facebook Exchange offers the possibility to carry out retargeting actions. In other words, advertise to those users that visit the website, or a specific part of the website.

Advertising on Youtube

On Youtube there are two basic ways to advertise. First by click: The adverts are displayed according to the keywords that the advertiser associates to the searches for videos on Youtube.
The other way to advertise is through the sponsored videos section.
The payment methods are by click or by view.

Advertising on Linkedin, Twitter, etc

There are many on-line social networks and communities. Let us help you choose the most suitable for your particular case.

Benefits of advertising on Social Networks.

  • Segmentation.
  • You can reach the whole planet if you want.
  • You establish the budget limit.
  • You can promote whatever you want: Websites, videos, fan pages or profiles, a brand, a product, etc.

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