International Social Media Marketing

If your company has an international strategy based on promoting itself in different languages then we can help you. The social networks in Spanish, English, French and German are the languages that we offer to execute and develop your social media marketing strategy.

In today's globalised world, it is vitally important to address each market in its own language and get the message across in line with its culture and state of being.

Do you need content in other languages? Would you like this content to form part of a social networks strategy focusing on the target languages? Do you want to search for the opinion leaders for your sector?

Social media in English

Having a presence in English language social networksmeans focusing on one specific English-speaking country, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, India, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Ireland, etc. Ideally, the focus should be geolocalised. Bear in mind that Americans are not captured in the same manner as New Zealanders.
Or we must also focus on all the English speaking countries if the message is not geolocalised. Furthermore, it should be considered that many peopleinteract with profiles, accounts or the pages of social network fans in English in spite of not being from an English speaking country. Therefore positioning your company in English without geolocalising towards a country means attempting to reach the whole world, including the world's biggest market, the USA.
Competition is fierce in the most important language in the world, therefore it vitally important to choose the most interesting content for your potential customers

Social media in French

Having a presence in French language social networksmeans reaching France, half of Africa, French-speaking Canada, Switzerland and its French-speaking canton, half of Belgium, etc.
Internet competition in French is not as tough as in Spanish, but it is undeniable that its e-commerce sector is exceptionally advanced. Each country has its own customs. A Moroccan or an Algerian do not consume in the same manner as a Parisian, nor are they interested in the same things. Nor does it mean that the French spoken in Canada is the same as that in Belgium. Just as the Spanish spoken in Albacete is not the same as that in Querétaro.
Once again, if we geolocalise towards a country, we focus on that country with its uses and customs. If on the other hand we decide not to geolocalise, we have other kinds of difficulties, but we have a larger market.
In addition to the richness of French-speaking Europe and Canada, special attention must be paid to the Arab world, which shows great potential and could be a very strong market for certain businesses. Africa is divided between English and French, and the market in not inconsiderable.
We can localise the opinion leaders via social networks in their own language. Even interact with them. Are you interested? Contact us.

Social media in German

If on the other hand we are looking to position our company in German language social networks, the markets we are aiming at are mainly the German-speaking areas of Switzerland, Austria and Germany.
Although it is true that they have a more uniform culture than the countries that speak Spanish, English or French, each country has its different characteristics. It is recommendable to geolocalise, but in the case of not doing so, the target will be the whole market in German, with various difficulties.
The German-speaking countries are currently the European motors, and all European businesses that hope to be leaders throughout the continent will have one of its main nucleuses in the German market.
Our objective is to provide them with content that is of interest to them in German, localise it for their opinion leaders and make your products and services known.

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