Web analytics is already a fundamental element of a good many major companies. SMEs can perfectly make intelligent use of the tools freely available on the market. The problem is knowing how to use them, proposing reports and solutions for problems. The communication between the marketing department and those in the IT department is fundamental for making the necessary changes and adaptations.

The main advantage of the internet is that we can know almost everything about the manner in which the users of our website interact, the paths that the majority follow, where they find a barrier, etc. The tool should be as powerful as the analysis performed of the data obtained. This allows us to make the advertising as profitable as possible, improve the usability of the website, and even the services. We can prioritise the more profitable elements. We will better understand our target public. Detect opportunities for improvement and business opportunities; better analyse performance indicators: KPIs(key performance indicators).
This basically consists of the definition of the conversions (record, contact, sale, form, call, etc.), their measurement, knowing from where these users that have converted come from and in decision making in accordance with the data we have.
As a result of all this work, you can check which marketing channels are the most profitable, those which cost the company money, those that generate more of one conversion rate, etc. With all of this you will be able to make decisions on whether to invest more in one channel, stop advertising on one form of media, or focus on a specific segment of customers which are those that are generating the most money for the company.

Improve conversions

We can improve the conversion processes by detecting where the users go during the purchase process. We can see what it is that users do when they almost carry out a conversion. And A/B testing can be performed to improve a form, record, or the purchasing process.
Web analytics is an ideal complement for SEO and analyses PPC and display advertising, our social channels, etc

Web analytics reports

After establishing everything necessary to be able to analyse the results of the different campaigns and channels, all the reports necessary are made available to the company. You will be able to understand what the real situation of the company is using a simple scorecard.

Web analytics audits

Before doing anything, it is recommendable to perform a web analytics audit. The web audit will consist of:
  • Analysis of the business and the strategy.
  • Understanding the objectives and needs.
  • Define the KPIs (key performance indicators).
  • Understanding what the web analytics tool is.
Afterwards, the necessary changes for the web analytics audit will be implemented.

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